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10 easy-to-do christmas manual activities at home!

Our favorite Christmas activity to do at home. Share a good time with your family, enjoy the festive atmosphere or simply forget a frankly complicated year. 


                        - Christmas Calendar -

Why don't we make an original advent calendar ourselves this year? To make the countdown a real celebration, we've come up with creative ideas that are easy to implement. Take out the scissors, prepare small cheap gifts, we explain how to stage them in style and good humor while waiting for Christmas. Have fun.

An original and natural advent calendar that smells like a christmas tree, does that speak to you? We recycle a real branch of fir hanging on the wall, we hang kraft bags recovered after the races, we decorate with felts or scraps of paper glued. After filling the pouches with small homemade gifts or retrieval, they are suspended from the branch with string... recovery, of course. A chic and eco-friendly décor with some Christmas subjects and a LED garland!

With a big rope stretched between two furniture or two beams, we tinker with an original advent calendar quickly done: just hang the 24 small Christmas packages with clothespins. The extra thing? The red and natural mixture is used with a brown rope, kraft paper, red ribbons and red paper hearts glued to the clothespins. Not to mention the red numbers on the packages.

Fancy an original advent calendar with a natural spirit? A real wall decoration is made with a large solid branch and a long string attached to each end and then hung from a solid nail. With a string of bags adorned with a number, simply suspended with strings of different lengths, guaranteed effect!