Have your child create an artwork based on her/his imagination. Post it on our instagram page and tag us on @DouceurSoft #DouceurSoftArtists. The 3 best artists will win an subscription box, full of soft goodies!
Good Luck to each one of you! 
 Why should your child participate in our art contest?
Contests can be another way to help build confidence. Sometimes they win, sometimes they don't, but what matters the most is that they tried. We have found that art contests offer children some great life lessons:
  • Every contest has guidelines and a deadline, which gives your child a specific goal to work toward.
  • The process of creating the artwork itself builds self-confidence, as the child goes from an “I can’t draw” mindset to one of “I can enter this contest — and I might win.”
  • The art children enter should be their best work (it doesn’t matter the skill level), teaching them that no matter what they do, they should do it well.
  • If they win, there’s the fun of the reward and learning to be a gracious winner.
  • If they don’t win, there’s the practice of dealing with disappointment and being a good sport.

         Win or lose, when your child creates a piece of art and enters it in a contest, they have tried, which is the first step to success.

With love,

The Douceur Soft Team